Linklist #2 - May 2018


The second edition of my monthly link list is brought to you by “Oh, it’s already the 30th, I should get this going if I want to keep it monthly.” May has been a quite stressfull month for me, so I’m very glad that I found the time to compile this list. Let’s get started:

  1. Backgammon-FAQ
    A very nice compilation of a number of things backgammon-related, from rules to electronic backgammon to other games played on a backgammon board. What got stuck in my head is the very fun and handy overview of Opening rolls

  2. Love Actually is the Least Romatic Film of All Time
    While the title is a bit on the clickbaity side of things, it’s still a good read and has many very valid points on romance and its depiction in movies. Don’t read this if Love Actually is your favorite movie and you don’t want to give up on that.

  3. A few git tips you didn’t know about
    If you haven’t stumbled upon this post yet, I would just bet that there is something in it for you, too :) If you knew it all (actively) already, let me know on twitter, you’ll get a medal for being the apparent git god ;)

  4. The secret number
    A bit of prose in the field of number theory.

  5. Collective nouns for animals
    Have you ever seen a group of more than one animal and wondered what they’re called? Wonder now more! There’s one for every species :)

  6. Metropolis Beamer Theme
    Have you ever used LaTeX Beamer for any presentation, or wanted to but couldn’t find a nice theme that makes your slides look good? Look no further - the metropolis theme by Matthias Vogelgesang is by far the most beautiful theme I’ve found and is used in nearly all my talks.

Since the above mostly concludes the list of links I want to share in May, here are four links concerning the shell

  1. Ten Things I wish I’d known about bash

  2. Ten More Things I wish I’d known about bash

  3. ZSH FAQ - Completion
    If you’re using zsh, you might be interested not only in this chapter, but in the complete FAQ in total.

  4. Sensible bash
    Nice overview of settings, aliases and other things you might want to have in your $(shell)-rc. Contains a magnitude of links to other great resources and further articles.